Langá River

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May 01 - Aug 20
Full board
  • Overview

    A Visual Salmon Fishing Experience

    Langa is a beautiful rocky river and very popular with English rods which have visited since the late 1800s. The river is typically Icelandic with stunning scenery and crystal clear water. This long river has large wetlands and drains over a vast area, fishing over 26 km and 100 numbered pools. As typical in Iceland, the upper reaches flow through lava fields, overfalls, with small and perfectly designed salmon pools. The middle section enters a small canyon which allows for unique sight fishing before it opens out in the lower part into open grassland of wonderful easy-access pools. This means the river is hugely versatile, giving each angler the best of all worlds; whether you enjoy casting a long line swinging flies or hitching in an Icelandic canyon with a single-handed rod, the Langa river has it all on offer.

    Its final reaches are about as dramatic and pretty as one can hope for, with the river literally dropping into the sea after the famous Crocodile pool.

    Langa has a good, well-placed lodge overlooking some of the great mid-river pools. The location of the lodges makes for easy access to the river each morning, and little travel time required even if you are fishing the lower beats. It can be bumpy, but all the guides are well equipped with 4×4’s.

  • Fishing

    Beautiful Water And Amazing Views

    The Langa river is unique in so many ways; it is rare to watch Atlantic Salmon jump from the sea straight into the river and be able to cast a line onto them immediately. It is also so unique in the visual aspect. Often in the canyon beats, you will be sight fishing to salmon, a rare opportunity in the world today.

    Langa has a wonderful variety, from its lower rocky pools to its meadows and upper canyon. Icelandic rivers can be known for tricky low water levels in the late season. With the new damn at the source of the Langa, this is rarely an issue for our anglers. Meaning that you do not have to worry about water levels when travelling in mid-July.

    Typically on the Langa river, we suggest you fish with both single-handed rods, switch rods and small double-handed rods. This can vary depending on the year: typical small Icelandic flies, size 12 to 14. Hitch flies can be very successful and add even more of a visual aspect to your experience. Please contact a member of our Loop team for more information on tackle.

  • Accommodation

    Modern and Comfortable

    The Langa lodge has a basic modern feel to it; located centrally in the river system, it is ideal for easy river access. The lodge is fully functional, with facilities built to cater for travelling anglers. All rooms are accommodated with ensuite bathrooms and twin beds. Full service catering for all three meals each day and an open bar in the evenings, perfect for kicking back and relaxing on a comfy sofa after an action-packed day on the river.



  • Food & Cuisine

    A Taste of Iceland

    Three meals each day are provided for all the guests, with all meals eaten at the lodge and an open bar in the evenings. Breakfast and evening meals are excellent, and 5* with a slightly more basic lunch each day. Breakfast is served in a buffet-style, so you may come and go as you please. Lunch and supper include full table service. Tea, coffee and snacks will be taken down to the river by your guide, including any requested drinks or snacks.


  • Example itinerary
    Day 1 – Home City to Reykjavik
    • Fly from home city to Keflavik International Airport
    • Taxi from Keflavik International to Reykjavik City. Approx 1hrs ($80)
    • Check into hotel and overnight
    • Please contact us if you require advice on hotels
    Day 2 – Reykjavik to langá lodge
    • 9 am pick up from chosen hotel
    • Transfer from Reykjavik to Langá Lodge. Approx 2hrs
    • Arrive at Langá Lodge for lunch and commence afternoon fishing at 4 pm
    • Continue to overnight at the Lodge
    Day 3 & 4 – Continued Fishing
    • Continued fishing and overnight stay at Blanda lodge and river
    Day 5 –  Morning fishing continue home
    • You will fish the morning on Langá River with your guide and head back to the lodge once the session is over
    • A transfer will take you directly to Keflavik Airport
    • Fly to home city
    • Continue with your own arrangements
  • Specifics
    • Full board accommodation
    • 1 Guide between 2 fisherman
    • Fishing for three days includes 2 half days
    • Transfer from hotel to Lodge
    • Transfers from airport to hotel in Reykjavik
    • Gratuities
    • Flights
    • Any extra hotel in Iceland outside of the Lodge




  • Do I need a Visa when travelling to Iceland?

    As a British Citizen, you do not need a Visa when entering Iceland. You will be granted 90 days in the country per year.

  • Do I need to disinfect my fishing gear before I go to Iceland?

    Yes, you will need to disinfect all your gear before travelling to Iceland. Simply head down to your local vet. They will do it; remember to pick up a certificate that shows what you’ve done. We also recommend getting it done again on return.

  • Do I need a hire car?

    You do not need a hire car. We can organise transfer drivers to collect you from the lodge and hotels. Although if you would like more freedom, you may hire a car. All lodges have good road access.

  • What else can I do in Iceland?

    Iceland has various activities to do, from visiting the Blue Lagoon, the Geysir or walking on glaciers. If you would like to add a variety of actives to your fishing trip, please contact us now.


  • How do I book?

    If you like what you see the best thing to do is pick up the phone and give a team member a call. Alternatively, email us at info@looptackl.se

    We will be able to give you any extra information you may need, prices and availability.



  • Why choose Loop Travel?

    Loop travel has extensive teams worldwide, all working to give you the best possible advice when travelling the world in sort of top-class fly fishing. Our advice is totally free to you and booking with us comes at no extra cost.

    Our years of experience between the teams and plethora of knowledge is second to known. Our team members know destinations backwards, having spent many years guiding, managing or fishing these lodges.

    We only sell what we know and what we know; we know better than anyone.


Suitable gear


We love Iceland because of the beautiful, blue-clear waters using small flies, catching fresh fish off the tides on light tackle in stunning scenery. All of this while enjoying superb Icelandic cuisine generally from small lodges is looked after by great guides and convenient.

The weather in Iceland can be very temperamental, especially in the early season. Having the correct equipment is key. The summer months (June/July) generally bring warmer weather but always have a rain jacket at the ready.

Small flies and light rods are the order of the day, with a few exceptions. Iceland is famous for fishing over crystal clear waters, often seeing each fish you are casting to. Be ready with a variety of equipment and clothing. Please contact the Loop team directly for more information on your trip and necessary gear.

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