Rio Grande

Villa Maria

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Jan 02 - Apr 30
Full board
  • Overview

    The World’s Finest Sea Trout Fishing

    Terra Del Fuego (TDF) is home to the worlds greatest population of giant sea trout. Located in the southern most point of Argentina the Rio Grande river meanders quietly through the grass lands of TDF boasting perfect fly fishing pools on every corner. The Rio Grande is perhaps the only place on earth that can offer a realistic chance for guests to catch the highly sort after 20lbs sea trout or even a 30lber for a lucky few. The magnificent runs of sea trout are constant throughout the season unlike many Atlantic salmon rivers meaning consistent numbers of fish are caught each week at Villa Maria Lodge.

    This unique destination offers the chance for each angler to spend a week swinging flies on the might Rio Grande for these amazingly strong and large sea trout with our guests breaking person best achievements each week.

    The lodge hosts 10 rods on a weekly basis with just over 60 named pools on the Villa Maria beats giving each angler ample amounts of water to use. The snake like nature of the river allows the guides to use the TDF famous winds to your advantage when trying to swing flies for these wonderful fish. More often than not the winds will be in your back.

  • Fishing

    Fresh Running Fish

    Villa Maria Lodge is based on the lower reaches of the Rio Grande river only a short distance from the tidal water. Villa Maria has a great deal of pools that enables each angler ample amounts of water. You will never fish the same pool twice, unless of course you want to.

    The river meanders through the grass lands of the TDF with a steady flow through out the system and beautiful gravel beds in the majority of the river making for comfortable wading.

    With running fish constantly sneaking through the system all the time it means you are getting constant action throughout the day. We fish with double handed rods through out the season and in the colder months sinking or intermediate tips. As the season warms up full floating lines and surface flies can be very effective.

    As a smaller lodge than many on the Rio Grande river, this lodge is ideal for small groups.

  • Accommodation


    Villa Maria lodge prides itself in perfection around the lodge. Each room is cosy and comfortable with good beds and modern facilities. Each guest has his own room with en suit bathrooms and excellent service through out your stay.

  • Food & Cuisine


    If you like good wines and world class meats then Villa Maria is the lodge for you. Chefs are flown down from northern Argentina to cater for all guests through out the season. You will receive a variety of lamb, beef and pork all cooked in local a Argentinian manner fit for a king.

  • Itinerary

    Example itinerary

    Day 1 – Home City to Buenos Aries  
    • Fly from home city to Buenos Aries International Airport. 
    • Taxi from Airport to chosen hotel.
    • Check-Inn to hotel and over night.  
    • Please contact us if you require further advice on hotels. 
    Day 2 – Buenos aries to Villa Maria Lodge 
    • 7:30am taxi from Hotel to Domestic airport.
    • Board Flight to Rio Grande Airpot (Approx 3hrs). 
    • A member of the team will be there to great you on arrival.
    • Transfer to to Lodge by car. 
    • Enjoy a ready made lunch at the lodge.
    • Tackle set up followed by an evening of fishing. 
    • Continue to overnight at the lodge.
    Day 3 to 9 – Continued Fishing  (6 full days fishing)
    • Continued fishing and over night stay at Villa Maria lodge. 
    Day 10 –  Lodge to BA
    • Pack your bags this morning a member of the lodge will load luggage into cars.
    • You will be transferred back to Rio Grande Airport.
    • Board flight o BA. 
    • Over night at chosen hotel in BA.
    Day 11 –  BA to Home City.
    • Board flight to home city – continue with own arrangements.
  • Cost & Specifics
    • Full board accommodation
    •  1 Guide between 2 fisherman
    • Six days fishing
    • Transfer from Rio Grande Airpot to lodge
    • Transfers in Buenos Aires
    • Gratuities
    • Flights
    • Any extra hotel in Iceland out side of the lodge.
    • Items of a personal nature



  • Do you need a visa to Travel?

    No, on arrival in Argentina you will be granted a free 90 day tourist visa as a British citizen.

  • Is difficult to fish in the strong wind?

    Many people worry about the famously strong winds of TDF. The truth is that the river meanders a huge amount through the valley and the prevailing wind is from the west. This means that most of the time you will have it in your back. Making for a simple roll cast that flies across the river.

  • What is the wading like?

    Wading on the Rio Grande is perfect, soft gravel river beds and light current make for a pleasurable wade throughout the river.

  • What else is there to do?

    Tierra Del Fuego is a barren location located in the southern most part of Argentina. Other than Guanaco, sheep and large numbers of sea trout there is very little in the way of wildlife. The occasional fox or condor causing the skies. Watching the local gaucho round up his sheep is a sight to be hold. Other than that, it’s just you and the river.

  • Why choose LOOP Travel?

    Loop travel have extensive teams across the globe all working to give you the best possible advice when traveling the world in sort of top class fly fishing. Our advise is totally free to you and booking with us comes at no extra cost.

    Our years of experience between the teams and plethora of knowledge is second to none. Our team members know destinations backwards having sent many years guiding, managing or fishing these lodges.

    We only sell what we know meaning we only offer the best possible advice and products.

  • What size rod should I take to the Rio Grande?

    We recommend taking at least two rods with you on your expedition. A smaller rod for the the evening fishing when the wind dies down and a larger rod for tougher conditions. We take 12’6″ rods 13’2″ rods and 14′ rods. Click here to see todays top picks.

  • How do I book this trip?

    If you like what you see the best thing to do is pick up the phone and give a team member a call. Alternatively email us on info@looptackl.se

    We will be able to give you any extra information you may need, prices and availability.

Suitable gear

Tierra Del Fuego Tactics

The Rio Grande is a medium sized river, we recommend using 14ft rods which will cover the river perfectly in all occasions. A full floating line with a variety of tips is ideal accompanied with a large arbor reel with a good drag system.

The correct clothing is key, the winds in TDF can be brutal, making sure your equipment is good is vital.

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