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Váh River Dry Fly Dreams

August 30 2016

The summer was underway and is always the best time for catching trout on a dry fly! Although Slovakia isn’t a very big country, it offers various possibilities for Trout and Grayling fishing. On our last fishing trip, we decided to venture to our longest river, the river Váh and its upper course in the Liptov region. There are many stretches of the river where catch and release are practised. The chances of catching a trophy Trout, Grayling or Huchen are very high.


My friends and I spent a few days there, however the weather wasn’t very summerlike. It was quite changeable; warm days were followed by rainy days and it resembled what we actually call April weather. However, the fish didn’t seem to mind. They continued picking the dry fly off the surface, even in the heavy rain. During this season of the year, I prefer fishing on Caddis flies. Luckily while it was raining, the fish were very active on the surface all throughout the day. During the sunny days, we were mainly catching on nymphs. But the fish would start to take insects from the surface again when the sun had set behind the horizon.



The most beautiful Rainbow Trout I managed to catch, was when I was fishing with my friend Vladimir. As the evening came, we took to the river at a particular place called “Over the island”. Here features a strong predatory stream, where it crosses several stones under which are slow flowing waters and an ideal place for big Trout! We studied the surface and finally saw a big fish rising about five meters from where we were standing! Vladimir cast his fly but without success. After a few casts he tried some different patterns. Again and again, this fish completely ignored his fly and several times showed us his massive back, breaking the surface just like a dolphin. Vladimir changed his fly again for another attempt and when the fish showed, Vladimir said: “Damn it, Kurt you try it!”

So I cast my peacock caddis fly on the surface. Within a split second the fish had surfaced and eaten my fly on the first cast! A spectacular fight followed and we were rewarded with a beautiful Trout measuring in at about 60 cm in length and on my Cross S1 9’ #4. When I returned the fish back into the water, Vladimir asked me: “Which fly did you use?” “The Green Caddis that you gave me this morning”, I said, and we both laughed with huge smiles for what had been an excellent memory on this beautiful river!



I always meet a lot of friends there, who are not only from Slovakia, but this summer I met a friend from the Canary Islands. He was absolutely amazed by the beauty of our nature. It was the first time he has left his native land. We all managed to catch a large number of Rainbow Trout, and also some Brown Trout and Grayling. It was a really enjoyable experience and I thank God for being a fly fisherman.


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