Astove ๐Ÿ‡ธ๐Ÿ‡จ

This adrenaline filled film really shows off the incredible fishing that is available at the Astove Athol in the Seychelles. Located at the bottom of the Indian Ocean, Astove still remains of the the most wild untouched fishing destinations in the world. It offers a huge variety of fishing in very different environments, from rock hopping on the volcanic cliffs, to creeping around the lagoon in a skiff, wading the flats and blue water fishing.

The bonefish fishing is world class hosting large fish and sight fishing in skinny flats kept the guys entertained for hours. The lagoon offers incredible Permit fishing, often spooky in nature and fishing in milky water meant you really have to work hard to catch those prized Permit.

Giant Travelly or GTโ€™s are what draws many anglers to this premier remote location, named the gangster of the flats they are mean predators that will smash your fly, provide explosive runs and never give up! Astove offers fishing for GTโ€™s in many environments from wading in the surf or on the flats to luring them in on poppers out in the blue water, these aggressive fish are on the bucket list for many saltwater anglers.

Astove is a legendary destination and our team experienced absolute legendary fishing!