Trout from the Flow Country 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

Trout from the Flow Country

Trout from the flow country shows some wonderful wild brown trout fishing in the unique wilderness of the far north of Scotland. The Flow Country in Caithness & Sutherland is really as wild as Scotland gets and offers opportunities to catch large amounts of fish and a true highland experience.

The Flow Country is a large, rolling expanse of peatland and wetland area and is the largest expanse of blanket bog area in Europe covering approximately 4000 square kilometres of the Scottish Highlands. This unique and fundamentally important ecosystem hosts an estimated 400 million tonnes of carbon, which is absorbed from the earth’s atmosphere. Due to such a positive environmental impact, this vast expanse of wetland is of vital importance to the continual global battle against climate change.

There is a multitude of lochs to fish, from lochs with a limestone geology which produce large wild brown trout every year, to peatland lochs where you are able to catch lots of stunning aggressive wild brown trout.

Gear used:

Gordon Armstrong – Cross SX 590, Opti Dryfly, Opti Drift line, ESF T-shirt, rods and tackle cap, Rautas grey, X10 grey sunglasses

Alan Porteous – SX 690, Opti Dryfly, Opti Flex, LOOP Icon Cap, Rautas grey

Anson Macauslan – Evotec CAST Fast 690, Evotec g4 LW 6-8, Opti Flex, Lainio jacket blue, LOOP Classic cap, V10 grey sunglasses


Gear in use