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Irish Gold

September 30 2016



Late August in the South of Ireland can be a tricky time for Trout Fishing. But today I was spending the day on the river Nire. The river Nire is a tributary of the river Suir. The Suir itself is famous for its dry fly fishing. This river system has a fantastic natural abundance of insect life. This in turn supports a very impressive stock of wild Brown Trout. I was on my way to meet Andrew Ryan who owns and runs Clonanav fly fishing. Andrew controls the Trout Fishing on the Nire and on a section of the river Suir. After a brief visit to his shop (Andrew Irelands main Loop dealer) we set of for our days fishing together. As the water was low and clear we both decided to go with a long leader, about 15 feet and a nymph suspended by a parachute dry fly,  also know as New-Zealand style.

We approached the first pool and very carefully peered over the grass into the water. What we saw was very impressive. Up to half a dozen trout between 2 and 4 pound are holding station midwater feeding away on nymphs. This is a familiar sight on the Nire but it sparks that boyish excitement every time you see it. This is no accident as Andrew maintains a strict catch and release policy on this river, that is now 20 years in effect and really pays off! We decided to work as a team, taking turns, one of us spotting the fish the other casting to them.

It’s a very challenging style of Trout Fishing but also very rewarding, sight fishing for these large wild Brown Trout, especially when you watch with anticipation as your nymph drifts past and you see the Trouts gills flare and suddenly the small pool explodes as one of these “lumps” make a bid for freedom! Frantic stuff. Andrew and I both work as guides in the area and it is so nice to spend the day working together trying to tempt theses wonderful fish.


The hours fly by and before we know it, dusk is upon us. Thought’s turn to the dry fly and sedges. However cool winds kill our chances for an evening rise. The joys of August! However there is a local pub on the bank of the river and Andrew orders a couple of pints while I light a fire outside. We sit around the fire as darkness turns, drinking a pint of Guinness on the bank of the river reminiscing about such a fantastic days Trout Fishing in a very special place.

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