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February 13 2017



It all started not so long ago back in July 2015. It was then that we visited Finnmark for the very first time. It was a short 4 days fishing adventure with great opportunities to experience fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway. Unfortunately the first time there we were not so lucky. During that short period we both had chances but did not achieve success. My buddy had hooked into a good “100cm” fish but also hadn’t managed to land it and I then also lost a smaller fish. But silver linings… it was my first salmon that took my bomber fly!

We were so amazed by the atmosphere in Finnmark. Beautiful nature with different surroundings, gin clear rivers full of Salmon and fantastic midnight sun which gave an opportunity for longest fishing hours possible! We were so exited that as fast as we returned to Oslo, we started planing our next short trip right away and 3 weeks later we were back up there again. This time the scenery was pretty similar to our first trip, except one average size fish was landed! Some others were hooked but unfortunately came off.  However these two short trips were a great sneak peak in to Northern Norway and it`s fantastics rivers with a their variation in pools, meeting local anglers and learning a lot of new things about fishing here. It was such a priceless experience by exploring all of it.

2016 and the last week of July, well prepared and with high hopes our team went back to Finnmark for the third time. A couple hours flight from Oslo then another couple more hours with a rental car and we arrived at the camping spot at 4 PM on Sunday. We unpacked our gear, rigged our tackle and went straight down to the river to the pool we knew from before, where my buddy had lost his 100cm fish last year. While drinking coffee on the river bank we saw few fish splashing on the surface. Good news … the fish are here! We started scanning the water with different Salmon flies but after a few hours of casting we still had no results. But then, just before midnight the magic words FISH ON! Echoed through the river valley. A few nice jumps during a tough 15 minute fight and fresh silver Salmon was landed. Oh man! First day of our trip and actually the first hours of fishing! It just can’t get better then this.

For the next few days we split our team in couples and explored two different rivers with some pools we had never been to before. Fishing was pretty active and exiting though. Salmon were willing to bite and all of us landed some Grilse and lost few. We also saw some huge fish jumping. We even tried to change our systems from floating to sinking and changed flies regularly using different speeds, but the fish just didn’t want to bite! Then I took single handed rod and started using a bomber in the same spot. Half an hour latter suddenly one of those big salmons raised and softly grabbed my bomber. Baam! I lifted my rod but my fly just flew out of water. Too fast! Damn…

On Thursday we all regrouped together again and decided to hike a bit higher to the upper river part and stay during the night. After a good hour of hiking along the river with beautiful surroundings we reached our planned pool. There were many Salmon rising and jumping but mostly dark/coloured fish. The water seemed like it was boiling just as the adrenaline in our blood. This was a sight that was becoming very familiar for all of us, a lot off fish but they ignored absolutely everything we threw at them! Our 7 hours of experimental fishing was completely fruitless with out even the softest bite on our flies, so finally at 1 AM we gave up and went to sleep. We didn’t have a tent with us and slept just under open skies. After an hour or so it started to rain and bother me. Typical. So instead I grabbed a single hand rod and started casting while my buddies were sleeping. Probably it was my third cast and something set in the end of the line. I was pretty sure that it was one of those coloured fish. So I shouted to my sleeping fellas: black fish is ON! It was then that chaos broke out in our night camp. On top of everything, what a surprise came over us all when I reeled the fish in closer after a dramatic fight and there was a massive silver male fish. A truly unforgettable moment when we all had been sharing our emotions of sheer joy and happiness!

The last day of fishing we again split up in groups and went fishing in different rivers during the early morning. It was now nice and calm pleasant weather to fish in but the rivers were absolutely dead! No salmon were rising or jumping and no takes on our flies, resulting in another fishless morning. After our lunch break hour by hour we kept on casting to no avail, until finally I changed my GDC head to a sink 3/4 and the silent river`s code was cracked. An aggressive take and a hard fight begun. This fish was very strong and didn’t want to give up at all, it just sunk to the bottom for most of the time during the long fight, but finally the last trophy fish of this trip was landed!

So we had spent one incredible week of chasing Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway. Where the power of the midnight sun kept us sleepless and enduring non stop hardcore fishing 24/7. It was a great adventure and a new experience that we would repeat again and again. Thank you Finnmark and see you soon!

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