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January 12 2017



A new year begins and a new prospects of fly fishing adventures awaits. To get us all in to the outdoor

frame of mind we spoke to our newest addition to our Media Pro Team members

Black Fly Eyes about their journey to becoming film makers of nature and fly fishing.


What was your first fly fishing experience?

BFE: Our first fly fishing experience was trout and chub fishing on dries in Lithuania 10 year ago.


What was your attraction to the fishing in Norway?

BFE: Well Norway amazed us with its nature, beauty and its variety of landscapes while you are traveling between fishing

locations the scenery which surrounds you its just outstanding and different every time.


What are your top target species?

BFE: Top target species are Taimen, Atlantic Salmon and Brown Trout.

How did you develop an interest in fly fishing nature film and photography?

BFE: It came very naturally, because when fly fishing you connect with nature while being outdoors. Also we got inspired by films and images from social medias. Back in 2012 DSLR`s & Go Pro`s still were on its peak. So we started to film our own fishing trips like many others. It was so exiting that it hooked us deeply. Then we started to learn new camera skills and tricks to get a more professional film look and wanted to show from different angles how beautiful it is all together: fly fishing, nature and life outdoors.


Where do you dream of exploring for your ultimate fly fishing adventure and film project?

BFE: We dream about a lot of places to visit for film projects like India, Bolivia, Africa, Russia or some hard accessible island far out in ocean. Our ultimate fishing adventure is important to get remote and wild as possible and that you could experience some tough extreme conditions.

Do you have any tips for fly fishers interested in photography and film whilst out on the water?BFE: Fishing films is not only about fishing! There is so much involved in it. Use your imagination, experiment, look at all things like both your eyes were a camera lens and try to make a story out of it.


What is your ultimate set up for Scandinavian Salmon?

BFE: Cross SX 12`4″ #7 & Classic 7/9 combo is our number 1 for Scandinavian salmon


Where will your next adventure take you?

BFE: We still have some things that we are planing as of yet but there will be adventures in Norway, Sweden, Iceland, Russia and for sure something more will come on top of that.


The Adventure continues…



Stay tuned for Black Fly Eyes upcoming articles on fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Finnmark Norway and Taimen in Russia,

and keep a sharp eye out for their fantastic videos of the adventures on the water.
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