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Wild trout and grayling fishing in the heart of the Shropshire borders of England. A little gem of a river that offers exceptional fly fishing with good access to some stunning wild scenery where one would think they were in a far out remote wilderness. Casting a short line with small dries or czech nymphing for wild grayling and trout with some in excess of 2-3 pounds on a #3 rod coupled up with the #4 Opti Creek reel proved to be a great method that worked very well. The grayling and trout can be found in many pockets of running water and deep pools that glide through this short river.

Due to the abundant caddis and other insect life that lives under the water most of the fishing techniques used was czech nymphing, and just targeting rising fish when the opportunity arises.

Flies used and work best was the Chewing Gum Caddis, Orange Collar Pheasant Nymph, Tims Shrimp and the CDC Shuttlecock.

Fact File:

River Onny – Tributary of the Teme

Shropshire Borders