The North πŸ‡³πŸ‡΄

Located in northern Norway lies Finnmark a true wilderness with gin clear rivers, breath taking nature and salmon rivers famous for their large salmon that run the rivers each year. During the summer months the salmon run begins to build and you can expect to work hard, fishing under the midnight sun, waiting for the next take. In this adventure we explored the pools of the river Lakselv, famous for its large salmon and a bucket list destination for anglers worldwide.

Hiking, fishing and next to no sleep we explored the pools and fished through the night in search of a large Lakselv salmon. The average size of salmon here is 15lb and multiple salmon over 15kg are caught each year. Fishing the bomber can be a great way to catch these fish with visible takes on the surface and fishing light weight gear we enjoyed some epic battles.

The adventure continues

Gear Used

Nero – Cross ST 8132, Opti Speedrunner, SDS flat shooter line, GDC Low Float, Lainio jacket blue, Leipik liner jacket,

Vaidas – Cross SX 7110, Opti Stream line, Classic 7/9, Wool hooded sweater, Rautas jacket blue