How to Repair a Broken Loop with Needle Knot or Whip Finish: Video Tutorial

How to tie the needle knot to repair a broken loop

The needle knot is a quick easy way to fix a broken loop on the water.

Loop connections on sink tips and fly lines can wear over time, instead of trusting it, replace it with a new one.


You can attach a tapered leader to a cut end (no loop) of a fly line to give you great transfer of energy and accuracy. If you carry a simple needle in your bag you will always be able to continue fishing if you break the loop of your fly line or snap a poly leader or tip.

How to repair a broken loop with a whip finish

This video shows you how to make a new loop on your broken fly line or sink tip.

A useful way to repair a broken loop on the water, no need to search for braided loops, or if you haven’t got a needle, this will get you fishing straight away.


If you have sink tips that are not colour coded use different colour backing or floss so you can colour code the sink rates.