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fly rods

LOOP fly rods have had a niche following for decades. The adaptive Scandinavian casting styles for the multitude of conditions, fly lines, fly sizes and species targets became the genesis of the very distinct LOOP rod actions. LOOP’s distinctive rod actions allow for higher tolerances of casting stoke timing hence less biomechanical output for energy transfer to the casting line.


LOOP’s ranges of actions are designed for every condition imaginable while acutely focused on angler endurance with the least amount of fatigue when spending long days on the water. LOOP’s range of rod actions covers all angling requirements from the bent knee on a small clear stream with a long leader on a 2 or 3 weight with a 16-18 dry fly to having the reserve power for punching large flies into a stiff breeze with the target closing distance quickly. No matter how challenging the circumstance – there is a LOOP fly rod for the occasion.

There is a rod for every flyfisher and every situation


Providing outstanding performance by utilising the very latest combination of proprietary nano-resin and high tensile carbon called Cross Core Technology System. This ultra performance fusion of resin and material has provided LOOP with the fundamental DNA to build world-class fast action fly rods. Featured on our premium Cross rod series.

Fly rods
Fly rods


CROSS-JOINT Ferrules bend with the rod for a smooth powerful action. CROSS-JOINT construction provides integral strength with uniform flex of the sleek profile and directly enhances power transfer throughout the rod blank during the casting cycle.

Fly rods

“ Pioneering engineering capability and an unrivalled in-depth knowledge of fly casting dynamics allows LOOP to continually push the boundaries of fly rod production ”


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