Incite Kit

The perfect introduction to the sport of fly fishing

Incite Kit

Complete Incite kit includes Incite rod, Xact reel, matching Xact WF floating line, backing line and leader. Delivered “ready-to-go” in cordura tube with integrated reel pouch.

  • Medium action blank in matt black finish
  • Black anodized aluminum reel-seat
  • #5-6 and #6-7 with halfwells handle in cork-mix

Incite Kit
Incite Kit

  • #7-8 with fullwells handle and fighting butt in cork-mix
  • Ceramic stripping guides and chrome snake-guides
  • Comes “ready-to-go” in cordura tube with integrated reel pouch

Incite Kit

Complete kit including Incite rod, Xact reel, matching Xact WF floating line, backing line and leader

Models Length Line # Tempo Weight PCS
590-3 9'0" 5-6 MF - 3
690-3 9'0" 6-7 MF - 3
790-3 9'0" 7-8 MF - 3

Rod Curve: FC=Full Curve, MC=Mid Curve, TC=Tip Curve
Rod Tempo: M=Medium, MF=Medium Fast, F=Fast

Additional Information



Each LOOP fly rod has a specific rod tempo classification to denote the flex curve/action of the blank during the casting stroke. The particular classification (Medium, Medium/Fast and Fast) informs our customers where power is supplied as biomechanical input from the hand/hands relates to energy transfer output through the rod and in to the fly line. In simplified terms, the Medium, Medium/Fast and Fast tempo designations indicate the blank’s curve structure and flexibility during the casting cycle.



Our medium tempo rods have a full flex action designed for slow, stealthy and deliberate presentations with long, delicate leaders and small flies. This slower tempo is also most amenable to freshwater environments and requires long, deep power application through the blank to optimise this particular rod action. This action is ideal for short to medium casting scenarios and offers a high degree of sensory feedback from the blank both during the casting cycle and when playing fish.


Casting Ability Level: Novice, Intermediate, Good, Expert 



This classic LOOP rod action offers the fly fisher more structure and backbone in the lower sections of the rod. This allows a broad range of angling application due to the perfect balance of casting performance and fish fighting ability. When longer casts are required, the angler can call upon more power reserve in the rod’s blank compared to the medium action tempo, resulting in greater water coverage for minimal biomechanical output effort.


Casting Ability Level: Novice, Intermediate, Good, Expert 



Our fast tempo rods are designed for more direct-to-target power application with minimal blank deflection when the rod is brought to a stop on the forward delivery. This transfers forward energy through the rod in to tight, aerodynamic loops and even in challenging wind conditions, longer casting distances can be achieved with ease.  With less flex in the blank compared to the Medium and Medium/Fast tempos, this action does however, require more finely tuned and accurate timing than the slower flex tempos to maximise performance of this classification of flex pattern.


Casting Ability Level: Intermediate, Good, Expert

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