Cross SX
Fast Action

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Offers delicate fly presentation at maximum distance for minimal effort.Read more

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  • Features


    • Blank in aesthetic smoke matte finish.
    • High Grade cork handle with cork mix reinforcement
    • Triangular 3-pin aluminum reel seat in Gun Metal finish
    • Titanium stripper guides
    • Black Nickel snake and tip guides
    • Rod model inscription and dot mark on ferrules for correct fit on rod sections
    • Delivered in a matching aluminum tube and cloth bag
  • Model Chart

    Model Chart

    Cross SX
    590-4 F 9’0″ 5 F 98g 4
    Cross SX
    5100-4 F 10’0″ 5 F 120g 4
    690-4 F 9’0″ 6 F 104g 4
    6100-4 F 10’0 6 F 109g 4
    Cross SX
    790-4 F 9’0″ 7 F 112g 4
    796-4 F 9’6″ 7 F 124g 4
    7100-4 F 10’0″ 7 F 124g 4
    890-4 F 9’0″ 8 F 125g 4
    8100-4 F 10’0″ 8 F 125g 4

    Rod Tempo: M=Medium, MF=Medium Fast, F=Fast

  • Rod Tempo Action

    Rod Tempo Action


    Our fast tempo rods are designed for more direct-to-target power application with minimal blank deflection when the rod is brought to a stop on the forward delivery. This transfers forward energy through the rod in to tight, aerodynamic loops and even in challenging wind conditions, longer casting distances can be achieved with ease.  With less flex in the blank compared to the Medium and Medium/Fast tempos, this action does however, require more finely tuned and accurate timing than the slower flex tempos to maximise performance of this classification of flex pattern.


    Casting Ability Level: Intermediate, Good, Expert

  • Line Recommendation

    Line Recommendation

    590-4 F 12 185
    5100-4 F 12 185
    690-4 F 14 216
    6100-4 F 14 216
    790-4 F 16,5 255
    796-4 F 16,5 255
    7100-4 F 16,5 255
    890-4 F 18 278
    8100-4 F 18 278

Product description


Our Cross SX series is our next generation addition to the Cross S family of fly rods. These fast action rods are carefully designed and tested over a two year period to provide a proven combination of proprietary nano-resin and high tensile carbon – We call this Cross Core Technology System. This construction enables us to fine tune the material combination creating a fusion of strength, power and pinpoint accuracy. Our world-renowned designers and pro team members tested each model around the globe against multiple species, in a wide range of climates and fishing conditions. Our overriding mission was to develop the ultimate fast action fly rod.


CROSS-JOINT Ferrules bend with the rod for a smooth powerful action. CROSS-JOINT construction provides integral strength with uniform flex of the sleek profile and directly enhances power transfer throughout the rod blank during the casting cycle.


Providing outstanding performance by utilising the very latest combination of proprietary nano-resin and high tensile carbon called Cross Core Technology System. This ultra performance fusion of resin and material has provided LOOP with the fundamental DNA to build world-class fast action fly rods. Featured on our premium Cross rod series.


Article number CROSXFSH
Model 9' #5, 4-piece, 10' #5, 4-piece, 9' #6, 4-piece, 10' #6, 4-piece, 9' #7, 4-piece, 9'6" #7, 4-piece, 10' #7, 4-piece, 9' #8, 4-piece, 10' #8, 4-piece, 9' #8, 4-piece
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