Hunt River Lodge

Fishing season

July 15 - Sept 15

Type of fishing

Atlantic Salmon


Labrador , Canada

We fish the world for fresh and saltwater species. We recognize the tremendous value of this Labrador resource. As well as the soul enriching benefits that are fostered at this wilderness paradise. The Hunt river has been practically exclusive since 1964. It is not widely known or recognized in the fly-fishing world. The Lodge was purchased from Abitibi Bowater in the fall of 2010.   Beginning in 2011 we opened the Lodge to parties on a fee basis and operate the facility as an experience on par with the finest of international fly-fishing destinations. Hunt River Lodge showcases the extraordinary beauty of the remote northern Canadian wilderness, world class angling at numerous pools around the Lodge, walking trails, fine cuisine, Egyptian cotton sheets, feather pillows, goose down duvets, friendly service and more.   We strive to make your visit to Hunt River Lodge an indelible experience that will keep you coming back.

Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge Hunt River Lodge

St-lewis river lodge

We have taken extraordinary measures in the design and construction of the St.Lewis River Lodge as a fitting tribute to this incredible river and world class Atlantic salmon resource that remains virtually unknown to the angling fraternity. Introduced to this angling paradise by Harry Steele and th ...

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