Holding on to Summer 🇸🇪

Friday, September 20, 2019. + 14 ° C

Sometimes my whole body longs for nature, like today.

I love the forrest –  the smell,  the damp trees, the dark moss and the eerie sound. It’s very meditative and addictive. As a mother of six, this is my drug, my must have! I spend a lot of time with my family in the forest, but it’s important to get some alone time as well.

Even if it’s pouring or might, I don’t want to let go of summer and stay inside. At the end of the Swedish summer we have to be outside as much as possible before the winter comes or we go kinda crazy, well I do anyway..

So, it’s time for the gold rush in the forest and I feel hopeful and exited. Chanterelle time!!

Time is precious out there and I do think about what i am going to wear. I want to be comfortable.

The Anorak – What can I say…

First of all, I think it’s damn good looking! Not because the cones and mushrooms care, but good to know anyway if I pop into town afterwards.

It’s made of Sympatex, which feels super strong and really light. It is 100%  waterproof, breathable, made from some recycled stuff and is recyclable. Its CO2 neutral and is free of all the nasty stuff, I feel responsible just putting this on 😉

So, how’s it fitting?

So comfortable! I would have been able to wear a thicker sweater underneath comfortably, but since its  14 ° C today its enough with a t-shirt underneath.

It has no zipper but push buttons and elastic bands. There is a really well thought through adjustable neck/hood and the front can be buttoned to let in air. The Anorak is both warm and dense without feeling sticky. You know how a rain jacket can feel when you are only wearing a t-shirt underneath, not so nice. But this regulates the heat really well and is comfortable on your skin. 

After an hour of walking in the forest, it started to rain. Sure the jacket got cooler but I didn’t freeze, it felt like my body heat was kind of stored inside the fabric.

I am completely in love with this as you may have noticed and constantly finding myself in it. This has changed the game for this mum standing next to the football pitch in the pouring rain. 

The idea from the beginning was that this was my husband´s new love, but that’s not going to work for me. The Anork packs into its own pocket, so this will now live in my car glove box.

Thanks for reading.