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    The River Tiger

    For many years the Golden Dorado was a well kept secret in Latin America. With todays ease of travel it has made these far out places very accessible and brought the golden dorado to be one of the most famous fresh water game fish.

    Pirá lodge is located in the Corrientes Province, Northeast Argentina, in the middle of the Ibera Marshlands, within 1,300,000 hectares of Natural Reserve. This area is twice the size of the Florida Everglades. The lodge sits right on the edge of a channel providing direct access to the marsh system and to the Corrientes River, located 15 min south of the lodge

    The Ibera Marshland is a vast system of crystal-clear creeks, deep flowing rivers, and shallow lakes. The Province of Corrientes borders Uruguay, and hosts one of Argentina’s subtropical climate patterns, with temperatures in the mid-20 degrees Celsius early and late in the season. The Ibera Marshland is almost completely unexplored and uninhabited. It is home to more than 350 species of birds, 85 mammals and almost 70 reptiles. During your stay you will have a chance to see species such as capybara, river otters, Yacare (cayman), howler monkeys and marsh deer. All this while fishing for one of the most aggressive fresh water fish in the world. The fishing is exciting, visual, and action packed. Golden dorado are a very acrobatic species of fish and take well on the surface.

  • Fishing

    Visual, Aggressive and Exciting Top water Action

    Fishing for Golden Dorado, one of the most voracious and beautiful species to swim the planet, takes place aboard a fleet of 16-foot Hell’s Bay flats skiffs. You’ll dodge caymans and catch freshwater Dorado in the 5-to 20- pound class on everything from dry flies to stripped streamers. When your fishing day’s done, decompress and take in a traditional asado at one of the finest lodges fishing has to offer. However, it is the electric take and acrobatic fight the Dorado displays that brings fishermen back year after year. The crystal clear waters throughout the entire fishery make for amazing sight fishing.

  • Accommodation

    Luxury in The Marshlands

    Built with exquisite Corrientes style and pride, Pirá Lodge enjoys a spectacular panoramic view of the vast wetlands. It accommodates up to 10 guests in five deluxe rooms, each with a private entrance, private bath, two double beds, ceiling fans and air conditioning. A separate building, attached by covered walkways and open-air patios, the lodge also accommodates a spacious living room, bar, and dining room areas—each with tall doors that open to the wide veranda. Pirá Lodge was designed by award-winning architects to respect traditional regional elegance—offering all of the comforts and luxuries of a contemporary hotel. Relax and enjoy a cocktail at any hour, and cool off in the outdoor swimming pool after a rewarding day of fishing.

  • Food & Cuisine

    A Taste of Argentina

    Pirá lodge is famous for its fanatic culinary experiences. Some of the finest chefs are brought into the lodge for the year round season providing all the guests with top class food throughout their stay at the lodge. Argentinas finest wines, world famous beef and much more. All served with a local Argentinian touch. Weather its a five star meal in the evening or a fresh cold cocktail by the pool in the afternoon the service and cuisine will not disappoint.

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Suitable gear


Casting in the Iberá marshlands requires different approaches. In general, when casting in a channel at the marsh, it is important to cast as close to the weed/bank as possible. When you are prospecting the waters instead of sight casting, casts should be placed in to every fishy looking piece of water. These are usually, confluences, corners, bays, points, eddies and other forms of structure.
When fishing the Corriente river, we use both floating and sinking lines. Normally when fishing floating lines we cast to the edges of the river where Dorado hang out to feed.

Moving the fly

Stripping speed can vary depending on the speed of the current, fish moods, etc. In most cases, an erratic fast stripping style is the go to technique but again this might vary according to the fish behaviour.
A fishing glove or a finger cloth might be useful for intense stripping. Also the aggressive take from the dorado can rip the line through your fingers and cause line burn. A finger clove is useful for this too.

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