Hucho Hucho

Hucho Hucho or Danube salmon is endemic, which could originally be found in the submontane rivers flowing into Danube River in Europe. However, the changes of biotopes, hydraulic structures and hydroelectric dams and water pollution have almost killed off this species. At present it can be mainly found in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia and … Continued


We look back on the 10 best and most memorable salmon from the Loop in 2017, not surprising Iceland, Norway, Russia, Canada and Sweden produced the goods!

Irish Gold

Late August in the South of Ireland can be a tricky time for Trout Fishing. But today I was spending the day on the river Nire. The river Nire is a tributary of the river Suir. The Suir itself is famous for its dry fly fishing. This river system has a fantastic natural abundance of … Continued

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