Hucho Hucho

Hucho Hucho or Danube salmon is endemic, which could originally be found in the submontane rivers flowing into Danube River in Europe. However, the changes of biotopes, hydraulic structures and hydroelectric dams and water pollution have almost killed off this species. At present it can be mainly found in Austria, Poland, Slovakia, Germany, Slovenia and … Continued


We look back on the 10 best and most memorable salmon from the Loop in 2017, not surprising Iceland, Norway, Russia, Canada and Sweden produced the goods!


Loop Fly Tying team member Denis O’Toole demonstrates 5 fantastic Sea Trout Tube Fly patterns in his 5 part step by step tying series.


It all began one day when three amigos were crouching behind a 4×4, sheltering from the relentless wind of the Argentinian Steppe on the banks of the Rio Gallegos. Huddling around a maté, sharing the bitter nectar and relishing that brief moment the wind was not pounding your face like a ferocious demon.   We … Continued


The ‘Marmite effect’   I still clearly remember the first time I tasted Marmite, and that was about 30 years ago now! We had visitors staying, and over breakfast they produced a small dark glass jar with a bright yellow label. They spread this thick, dark sticky ‘stuff’ over their toast, and consumed it with … Continued


It all started not so long ago back in July 2015. It was then that we visited Finnmark for the very first time. It was a short 4 days fishing adventure with great opportunities to experience fishing for Atlantic Salmon in Northern Norway. Unfortunately the first time there we were not so lucky. During that … Continued


In this months Pro Team Talks, Aussie Fly Fisher Joshua Hutchins gives us an insight into his world deep down in the southern hemisphere! What was your first fly fishing experience? My first fly fishing experience was when I was 13 years old on the Ovens River in Bright, three hours from Melbourne, Australia. I … Continued


A new year begins and a new prospects of fly fishing adventures awaits. To get us all in to the outdoor frame of mind we spoke to our newest addition to our Media Pro Team members Black Fly Eyes about their journey to becoming film makers of nature and fly fishing. What was your first fly fishing experience? BFE: … Continued

Irish Gold

Late August in the South of Ireland can be a tricky time for Trout Fishing. But today I was spending the day on the river Nire. The river Nire is a tributary of the river Suir. The Suir itself is famous for its dry fly fishing. This river system has a fantastic natural abundance of … Continued

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