OPTi Fly Vest, a flyfishing vest

OPTi Fly Vest

The vest is a classic detail. But do not think this a relic from the past. Opti Fly Vest is a modern multifunctional vest, made from lightweight nylon. With eleven pockets you will have space for all the gadgets a fly fisher needs. The back pocket easily swallows a thermos and more. The shoulders are covered by thin neoprene that makes even a heavy loaded vest comfortable. Two retractors and two straps, under the cover of the left pocket, keep track of all your tools. The vest comes in light green and orange. You can remove the shoulder coverage on hot days. When taken of the vest is easily tucked away in your bag, but this will not happen very often.


Available in sizes S - 3XL 



When being active we produce sweat. Therefore it is important that the layer closest to the skin is perspiration transporting, in order to move the moist away from the body. Preventing an uncomfortable damp feeling. To get the full benefit of a wearing a waterproof and breathable shell garment as outer layer we recommend wearing a base layer with good wicking ability that leads moist away.Synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon have very good wicking abilities, whereas cotton tends to absorb moist.  



In colder conditions where a base layer is not enough to keep you warm under the shell garment a mid layer is used to provide extra isolation keeping you warm and cosy. It is also important that the mid layer has good wicking abilities and hence can move moist away from the body. A good choice for a mid layer could be a bonded fleece or a soft shell jacket. These types of garments will not only keep you warm but also protect you from chilly winds and in the case of the soft shell even light showers



The outer layer (or shell layer) must provide protection against wind and rain keeping the elements out. But when the garment is used for physical activity it is equally important that evaporation can take place unhindered. So the moisture wicked from the skin through the base layer or mid layer can escape. All of our shell garments are provided with an extremely waterproof and windproof membrane which at the same time is also highly breathable. Helping to keep you warm and dry at all times and still allowing you to get rid of access body heat. Choices for shell garments could be a garment made of a  2 layer fabric with a light mesh or taffeta polyester lining. An excellent choice for shell garment could also be a  garment made of a lighter 3 layer fabric where a very thin mesh lining has been bonded directly to the backside of the laminated fabric to protect the membrane.
Or if very light weight and volume is required a garment made of thin 2 ½ layer fabric, that thanks to a thin carbon layer covering the membrane also works without lining.  The thin fabric and light weight on 2 ½ layer garments makes them very comfortable to wear but also handy to pack down when travelling.
It should be noted though that for colder windy climates thin 2 1/2 layer fabrics  have less isolation ability, as thicker fabrics will help to hold an isolating layer of air between you body and the shell fabric.

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